areva finally got the home it deserves. 1700 years old City of Split embraced Mareva amongst its historic walls, giving it home at one of the most beautiful locations City has to offer – The Public Square (Pjaca) – in a building protected by UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. This is exactly what Mareva deserves; with its tireless activity in these difficult times, it promotes the power of love and ideas, writes the history and gathers the whole world into one place. Mareva keeps talking to to world about its City, about its Country and its people, throughout the best that it possesses.



Wine networking with Luxe and Partenon

      uxe, one of the city's most prestigious boutique hotel, has recently been the scene of fine wine networking in the organization of Hotel Luxe, and prestigious international company Parthenon. Club Mareva, as their partner has given support to the organization of this beautiful evening. With  fine wines, cigars, and delicious food, great time was assured. Entertainment and socializing that lasted past midnight, are proof that these events are more than mere formality, indeed, they are the place to know new people, making new friends, and business relationships…

New Club location will provide its members a second home, where each person will find peace and oportunity to steal one perfect moment in time just for him(her)self. In addition, this club will be stage for many Mareva`s performances that will entertain its members, reward and meet with new ones, unseen, never experienced... The doors of its new home will be open soon... We will waith for you with good smoke and open hearts.

Club moves to a new, exclusive place I Qualifying victory goes to Macedonia Qualifying Tournament Budva 2012

        qualifying tournament which was held on April 21 in beautiful      city of Budva, Montenegro, organizated by Club Mareva and supported by FORFEST festival, issued a new, highly respected time in a long smoking cigar competition. With a time of 85 minutes, qualifying victory took  Alexander Čolančevski from Macedonia. This was regional qualifying contest with participators from Italy, Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, etc.  Accomplished time is the second best time of all  achieved times, which were recorded across first tree places, during all tree held tournaments.

 Still, World Record of 100 minutes seems very high and challenging. Opportunity to take it down will be provided to competitors during Cigar Smoking World Championship in September 14-16, 2012. Split, Croatia.

We would like to thank the organizers of FORFEST festival for all their hospitality, friendship and support. It was a festival organized at highest level, with superb professional approach and worm atmosphere.

We look forward to the next festival! Click on photo to see gallery.                                     


Mareva night with Cuesta Rey cigar and Zdjelarevic wines

        Mareva picked great instruments to play the music of satisfaction – Cuesta Rey cigar and one of the best Croatian wine         houses Zdjelarević. In beautiful atmosphere of worm spring night, Mareva led all its friends to enjoyment and fun. After seven different sorts of wine, great food and a lot of smoke, long into the night all one could hear was the sound of laughter and making of new friendships. Great presentation of cigars and wine held our guests highly focused untill the very end of the evening. Cigar has once again proved that it is so much more than just a smoke; it is a symbol of friendship and invitation to escape from the commotion of everyday life...With great wines like  Zdjelarevic , cigar is a winning combination for a night full of pleasures ready jet to be discovered...Clik on photo to see gallery.

Cuesta Rey and Zdjelarevic Mareva Sailing Day Mareva Sailing Day

                 t was a journey to remember. Sun, sea and wind        mixed with great people gave unforgettable moments. Like real sailors members of Club Mareva were equipped with all  what you need on sea - rum, cigars, wine, sea food, song and a lot of fun and enjoyment. With crew of 7 different nationalities (Estonia, Croatia, England, Italy, Russia, USA, Brazil) it was a truly international cruise through the Adriatic. Montecristo Open Regata was the best choice for moments with open sails and sounds of wind and sea.  On  curs to Island Solta, Mareva crew stopped at tavern Lanterna, in  Sevid bay to have a calm evening. Very soon it became place of  pure gastronomic pleasure. With freshly caught tuna of  70 kilo, crew enjoyed tastes and aromas of Adriatic sea,  and with  dalmatian white wine everybody  had a lot of energy to continue night with song and dance. After visit of Martinis Marchi Castle on Solta Island, in hands of wind, we finished our unforgettable trip. Photo Gallery

Program for CSWC 2013 is realised CSWC

         his year we came up much earlier with the program announcement because we want to provide you on time with dates          and details of our  unique cigar festival. With this year ‘s program, we express our wish to bring you even closer to the  touch of Adriatic. Islands, sea, castle and tastes of local specialities and wines will full fill your senses, and will bring  you to complete relaxation and pleasure. With our  loyal partners we will take care of You from the first moment of your step on Croatian soil. We are waiting for you with open hands... Click here or on photo to download program

Mareva Christmas Dinner with Cigar Journal Cigar Smoking World Championship 2012

        eptember 14 – 16, 2012, Cigar Club Mareva under it’s president Marko Bilic once again hosted the Third International         World Cigar Smoking Competition in the beautiful harbor city of Split, Croatia. This hedonistic event was attended by guests from all over the world – 13 countries – from Russia, across Europe all the way down toBrazil!

The 3 days escorted our guests  from restaurant Arcade together with Live Jazz , gourmet dinner and wine tasting, to a Croatian BBQ-lunch on the sunny warm beach of the Le Meridien 5 star hotel followed by a  Scotch and Cigar tasting event. The sunset cocktail hour on Satueday arrived in the form of 3 beautiful Sunseeker Yachts filled with Chivas and Mumm Champagne, and of course cigars, where the guest all dressed in evening white attire glided into the sunset on their way to Marshall Tito’s private summer residential Villa.

Combining all the elements of sea, land and air, one of our sponsors -  Helimax Helicopters– even airlifted  a 12 case carton of Mumm champagne, personally lowered by rope from the hands of Mr. Bilic’ – like out of a James Bond film -  onto one of the Yachts so our guests wouldn’t go thirsty! Our event was hosted by gold sponsors such asPernord Ricard Croatia, Chivas, Martell, Havana Club rum and champagne Mumms who were the perfect companion to each cigar  - Arturo Fuente Opus X insured by Super 100cigar distributors, and the Royal Danish cigar Havana Blend just to name a few. Our wines came from distinguished Croatian wineries such as Meneghetti, BIBICH and Korta Katarina. Our thanks as well to our faithful partner Marevinog Sunseeker Germany and reputable charter company Cro Yachting.

Upon arrival at the Villa, the rest of the champagne bottles were opened with a saber and guests were catered to personally bythe director of marketing from Pernord Ricard, Branko Kicemana, and our chocolatier was Nadalina chocolate specialties. At the Villa, jeweler B.Vama showcased Tag Heuer watches which simply added to the magnificent ambience. One of the specials of the evening was a limited edition cigar from Sarajevo, Bosnia. Ms. Sanja Lopar who was so kind to share with us her personal creation as well as take part in this year’s event.

The red carpet entering the villa was lined with limousines thanks to AUDI, the harbor with Sunseeker Yachts, and our own personal helicopter hovered near by compliments of Helimax. The event was charmingly moderated by Alma Vatter, responsible for Sponsoring and corporate communication to Cigar Club Mareva, and the Ivo Jerkunica Dilatum Jazz Band Project who serenaded us through 3 days of merry making!However, the highlight of the festival was the 3rdCigar Smoking World Championships.

Our beautiful Vice President of Cigar Club Mareva, Ivana Vrdoljak, handed out the trophies to this years winners from Russia and Montenegro. The final was quite exciting with only seconds separating the winning contestants from the throne. The President of the Russian Cigar Club Horse Power, Igor Korovin claimed the victory with over an hour and a half of smoking, and second place went to Branislav Savic who took the trophy for Montenegro. Ruben Groyan, holding a Russian passport but representing the Dominican Republic took third place.

The final day was organised to get the adrenaline back up and pumping after the long evening. Coffee compliments of Villa Rossini, 18 year old Chivas Scotch, Mumm Champagne, and Alec Bradley cigars challenged by a sports car from Wiesmann GT MF 5 and our Helimax helicopter rounded out the weekend.Our guetss took test drives through the city of Split and sightseeing flights along the coast and islands high over the Adriatic Sea. A special thanka to VIP Travel Agency who has provided irreplaceable help with logistics as they do every year, and for those who stayed longer and had a chance to relax at the spa, Filomena, best wellness in Split, and of course shopping at XYZ store the most powerful fashion brands to be found here. Yacht Magazine was our media sponsor once again and recorded our event in their luxury edition.

See you in 2013… “Because Life is a moment” ... Photo Gallery

         he atmosphere and the warmth of Christmas season are perfect       surroundings for what is one of Mareva`s main goals – joy, friendship and companionship. Those three words perfectly describe the atmosphere at our Mareva Christmas dinner, held last December in one of Split`s best restaurants – Restaurant “Kadena”. The dinner was supported by our long time partners – Macanudo Cigars and Jameson Whiskey – and it fulfilled all our expectations, bringing smiles to our dear guests faces. We took the opportunity of this special occasion to promote the best cigar magazine in the world – Cigar Journal ( With the help of a great man and true cigar connoisseur Mr. Reinhold Widmayer editor of Cigar Journal,  this wonderful, prized, highly professional and informative magazine was a real Christmas gift to all our dear guests. Cigar Journal is two language, top quality magazine that you can find in over 50 world countries and it is for sure a real cigar encyclopaedia in sequels. It offers all cigar lovers what they need to know, and all news what they need to find out about cigars, without bias and with highest professionalism, respecting diversity of the cigar culture of the world. With great joy, but also impatience we wait for this masterpiece of journalism, to be found on the shelves of our hotels, restaurants, VIP lounge bars, clubs and cigar shops. In the area of our Club, it will most certainly have a special place.

Click here or on photo to see gallery...

         arko Bilic, president of Club Mareva have really rear pleasure and honor to get very special, private gift . From Miami        headquarters, Mr. Bilic like true and passionated cigar aficionado and man who changed cigar history with first cigar championship, receive best palate of cigars directly from Padron  family. With handwritten letter special written for him, one of best cigars of the world was in his hands ready to give true enjoyment and pleasure...

With many deep emotions, and great honor after receiving so unique and personalized gift, he was touched and truly grateful. After tasting with club members it will share his emotions and reviews on official web pages of Club Mareva...Indeed, this gift is even more special, because it is impossible to reach Padron cigars in this areas.

From Padron specialy for Mareva Chivas and Arturo Fuente by Club Mareva

         igar Club Mareva has once again proved how important it is to follow the goals that are determined by our life               philosophy, our approach, passion and dedication. We can proudly say that we are the only club in the region (and            beyond) that offers our member completely free top quality prodacts, promoting the pleasure and celebration of life`s little moments, just like our moto says: Because life is a moment... Having desire that no money will stand in the way of our goals, Cigar Club Mareva form time to time organizes completely free journeys through pleasure with a little help from our good and generous partners. For an experience like this in many places in Croatia you will pay up to 80 Euro just to participate, but that`s what makes us different from the others: an inexhaustible enthusiasm filled with passion against the naked desire for profit. As we joyfully expect our next meeting, we leave you with the thought that leads us on our journey: Because life is a moment...Click here or on photo to see gallery...

Club Macanudo, NYC Cigar Smoking World Championship in Cigar Journal

           riends, we want to share one story of founder        of Club Mareva Mr. Marko Bilic: “15 years           ago I became so passionate in cigars and the culture of pleasure and respecting a moment of life. After years have passed, I heard about great cigar magazine named Cigar Journal. In that period wasn't possible to find one in my country (knowledge and culture of smoking cigars was on very low level), so I was doing everything to get one of that famous Cigar Journal magazine from outside. My great friend Nenad Medak  was in that time a manager of that small Tobacco shop, and he would once per year go to Dortmund Tobacco Fair. For the first time in my life, after his return, I finally got the Magazine in my hands. I was happy like a child! Reading it from the first to the last letter, I was already dreaming about next year and his traveling to Dortmund Fair to bring me another one, a new one. I was keeping them like gold, and while reading them I was smoking cigars and absorbing a new knowledge about cigars, remembering every article, every photo, discovering new brands and horizons of Cigar World. It was my source from where I was drew my thirsty desire for everything about cigars. In that moments, how I was reaching the last pages I was dreaming about next year and new number of magazine...Dear friends,and this year I was waiting for new number of the best cigar magazine on the World - Cigar Journal. Today, with huge emotion in my hole body, with great happiness and proud, as well as enormous gratitude to one great man - Mr. Reinhold Widmayer - I can say that not only that I received new number of my favorite magazine - I received much more - unbelievably happiness, honor, proud and dream by reading in this top Cigar Magazine about my child -  Club Mareva and Cigar Smoking World Championship...”

Honored to be part of an elite Company Big Alpine Smoke - first qualifications in 2014 Big Alpine Smoke - New World Record Program for CSWC 2014 is realised Invitation.pdf

         his year we are proud to announce the dates of 5th anniversary of Cigar Smoking World Championship, the festival of l        life and cigars. Festival was created out of love and passion for cigars which symbolizes exactly what we experience        through it - a moment in life filled with pleasure and peace, freedom and escape. For us, this year's festival is something very special - it is anniversary of a dream that in these uncertain times with the power of desire, sincere dedication and passion and the help of all of you good people, become a tangible reality ...It is expanding and conquering the world with qualifying tournaments which are proof of quality of this dream. Thank you all from all our heart!...Click here or on photo to download program

Historical moment for Club Mareva - opening of new premisses

        fter so long time, historical and long awaited moment for Club Mareva came to become reality. Reconstruction of      new Mareva premises was hard and long, especially because it’s premises are located in historical UNESCO       protecting building, in really heart of old Roman  city of Split. Long days and nights which were spent  there working and just working, on the end gave result in shape of  beautiful cigar lounge. With the style of the old Cuba and glamorous New York in the early 30-ies, Mareva provide unforgettable atmospere where it’s members and guests can find themselfs in the moments which  invite them to lfile alive...Without some special friends of Club Mareva, we would never achive this life time moment. This group of  great people become special Mareva members  - with their names deeply engraved in Mareva plate. From all aroun of world they came to prove Mareva global value. Even special cigar was made - The Gran Mareva cigar, produced in Dominican Republic out of the Kelner Boutique Factory and signatured by Hendrik Kelner Jr, as well as Jeremy Casdagli, founder of Bespoke Cigars. 2 beautiful humidors handcrafted in the Dominican Republic were donated by Bob De Goede founder of “Zii box factory” to celebrate the launch of the Gran Mareva cigar and lounge.

Pig Smoke Copenhagen . Qualification Round for CSWC

           une 2, 2014. Yesterday, the first danish qualification tournament for the Cigar Smoking World Championship took           place. The championship was part of the first annual Bigsmoke Copenhagen. The program included a Longest Ash           Competition, the founding meeting to establish Copenhagen Bigsmoke as a registered organization to support the cigar smoking community in Denmark, the official qualification tournament for the Cigar Smoking World Championship and other activities.41 participants took the challenge to smoke a Montecristo No. 4 as slowly as possible without relighting. Michael Iversen, editor of the danish pipe publication Piber & Tobak won the competition with a total smoking time of 1 hour, 21 minutes and 49 seconds.

CSWC 2014 - New Champion and New World Record

            th  Anniversary of Cigar Smoking World Championship pass in style of true Anniversary - Cigar Trophy  from white,           unique marble from Croatia went to the hands of  new best cigar smoker of the World - Darren Cioffy from USA. To          make this 5th anniversary even more unique, in sparkling atmosphere, he took  and new World Record with time of 1 hour and 55 minutes. Very focused from really start,  he pass almost in one position all the time of competition, Handled his cigar in his hand, which was all the time exactly in front of his eyes, he was from start one of  favourites for  high position in Challenge. Without many words, in his own silence, with high concentration and ice focus, on the end he took all what is possible to take in cigar smoking - Championship and World record, and he became first in history who take all of it in one time.

 If we look at  new Champion like at Darren Cioffi we   will see from his life , and his past that he is more than very well connected with tobacco. Darren has  beautiful marriage  with tobacco leaf through  his  own  cigar brand - Principle Cigars Even Darren  wasn’t  sponsor, some of guest’s have opportunity to taste some of his  unique cigars, and critics was so great. So, it is apparently that new Champion proof his expertise in world of tobacco and by winning World Championship, even in situation where you have sill a  huge amount of lucky percent in picking up right  competition stick (Montecristo No4). Picking  up right tactics, staying high focus on smoke, and on the end behaving like true Gentleman, but still in mood of competition spirit and motivation he proof perfect combination for perfect  result -Gentleman who is best of the best.If we put on the side all Darren connection with tobacco, business  we have for new Champion person which is true cigar aficionado and he live this passion in every way. He is just like real cigar aficionado should be - Great gentleman  with big smile and open heart... Second place took already  very well known tobacco expert, and this year he proof that maybe more than anybody else  - Nenad Medak from Club Mareva. Second year in row he is owner of second place on Grand Final in Split. With his calm personality, serious and focus approach during competition, wit h a lot of training he shows that there is a way to control uneven and wild Montecristo Number 4. He controlled it for 1 hour and 38 minutes which is his personal record. During competition there was so many “art “ cigars, which was  burning on so  many strange ways  and shapes

 5th  Anniversary has honor to have one more surprise, one more precedent in it’s own history - Beauty and strength of woman award Cigar Smoking World Championship 2014 with great position - 3rd place. Christine Magnin took her place between top tree best ones. She was true fighter, but  in every moment true lady. It was beautiful to see Kristine in competition - beautifully dressed , without stress, gently handled her cigar in hands she goes for  victory, and she got it -first  woman in history of CSWC in top tree. For that she  was awarded with pearl necklace from  famous  Gojun Jewellery  

First  Qualification Tournament for CSWC 2015 - Switzerland

                       e announce new Champion of Switzerland                     qualification Championship " Ultimate Lifestyle                     by Lopar International" for Cigar Smoking World Championship 2015 - Mr Darren Cioffi who proved one more time that he is the best. Also we are so grateful to Ms Sanja Lopar which was organizer of this magnificent high profile Lifestyle event. With her superb cigars she was perfect host and she proved that her unique concept has great acceptation from cigar aficionados and from high profile brands like Caviar House Worldwide and famous Cigar Lounge Geneva. After Champagne dinetoare in beautiful Caviar House private rooms where all guests have opportunity to enjoy in the best caviar of the world, all competitorswith officially limousines came in impressive cigar lounge of famous cigar lounge Geneve where starts big challenge. After 1 hour, 36 minutes and 57 seconds Darren Cioffi proved that he wasn't accidentally winner of world throne on gran finale in Split this year in September. He was amazing good and he took Swiss award with few minutes difference after Natasha Nicolazzi with 1 hour 30 minutes and 34 seconds. The third place was taken by great gentleman Mr Mirko Giotto which proved with 1 hour 12minutes and 23 seconds that he is man in the game. After giving awards to the best ones, winners took officially photos with Organizer Sanja Lopar and with honorable Vice president of Club Mareva Mr Ivan Mazuranic. We congratulate again to World Champion Darren Cioffi for proving that he is the best. Till he is owner of actual World record. Hiss tactics proved that works very well.

              RAKING NEWS ARE NOW OFFICIAL and really true -Today, officially, with great honor we announce new             Champion of Baltic Qualification Championship " Cigara Dru" for Cigar Smoking World Championship 2015 and              OWNER OF THE NEW WORLD RECORD - Mr. Igor Korovin who made unimaginable new World Record in Slow Smoking Championship - amazing 2 hours, 22 minutes and 42 seconds. Second place took Stepan Muravyov with also unbelievable result - 1 hour, 58 minutes and 2 seconds. One of the best smokers this week was great Alexander Andryushevich who took third place with 1 hour, 31 minute and 12 seconds. He also took the first place a day before in long ash competition. It is amazing fact that all the best times achieved members of Cigar Club Horse Power from St. Petersburg/Russia and thus have proven that Russia for the grand final in 2015 has the some of the best competitors to win the world title. With The new record they have proven that they share the top level. Whole weekend was organisated by great and amazing people from Cigara Dru festival, lead by Viacheslav Kutyrkin and foloved by Zilvinas Abaravicius.

Amazing New World Record - New dimension of smoking time

                zing news for Cigar World - actual World ChampionDarren Cioffi continues to prove his skills and his position                as the best smoker of the World! At smoking weekend in Belgrade he achieved 1st place with great smoking time of                1hour 52minutes which was just 3 minutes less than his personal record. Than he came to Split, Croatia, to a ttend Official Qualifications for Croatia which gathered some of the best smokers of the World - Ex World Champions Toni Stoilov (2010.) and Marin Rončević (2011.)! Darren won another battle, another Qualification Round with amazing official time of 2 hours 18 minutes and 57 seconds . With that result he came dangerously close to Mr. Igor Korovin`s World record (he was World Champion in 2012, Winner of Baltic Qualification round 2013, Owner of World record until qualification round Big Alpine smoke 2014) with 2 hours 22 minutes and 42 seconds. Mr. Darren proved this incredible time is reachable! Even more, he shows great will to take it back for him and his country! From beginning of new Qualification Season 2015. he won all Qualification Rounds and was practically unbeatable, except Cigara Dru Qualification round in Lithuania, where Mr. Igor Korovin took a new amazing World Record. Story became so incredible, reminding us of movie Rocky, where two champions are fighting for the World title, two Champions from other sides of the World; one from the East and one from the West. It will be unbelievable moment when this two enter fighting ring on Grand Finale - Cigar Smoking World Championship 2015 - in Split, Croatia this September. It will be a movie scenario and a story to talk about!

Darren Cioffi - actual Champion still unbeatable Mellgren’s- again hosting qualification round for Sweden

         ime is here -official  Qualification Tournament Sweden for Cigar            Smoking World Championship which will be held at one of the most          prestigious  cigar shops and cigar lounges on the World - Mellgrens fine tobacco. This will be for second time that this amazing place will hosting  Official Qualification for Cigar Smoking World  Championship. Last year left so many great moments to be remembered. That event not only that gave first Champion of  Sweden, great fighter  and great person  Mr Igor Kovačić, who is already in training to defend his Champion of Sweden title, but it provides first contact between Mr Ulf Zandhers and Marko Bilic. During this occasion, Mr Zandhers introduce idea of putting in life “Cigar Rights of Europe” which after is born in Zurich by initiative of  Mr. Zandhers, Mr. Widmaer, Mr Bilic and others. New Cigar page is turned

“från Göteborg,  Sweden, Iggy the  Master Blaster!”

Mr. Igor Kovacic won last year qualification  with time of 1 hour and 12 minutes. He shows amazing results on trainings,but his task will be more demanding because actual Champion Mr. Darren Cioffi confirm participation on Sweden Qualification

Mellgren’s- perfect smoking place for new World Record

            ear Ladies and Gentleman we have amazing braking news - we have new world record took at amazing Mellgrens             lounge and champion of Sweden qualification tournament - still unbeatable Mr. Darren Cioffi, champion of the world.            With new World Record of  2 hours 27 minutes and 27 seconds. Also we have surprise from Mr Igor Kovacic who took second place and whit his amazing smoking time  of 1 hour, 57 minutes and 36 seconds he wrote his name on 4th position on list of top 20 best smokers in the world. he still defended his position of the first smoker among Sweden competitors. He proved that he is a man in the game for the throne.

Swedish competitors showed amazing improvement since last year and this time with their amazing focus and competitive spirit they wrote three names in top 20 of all times. New CSWC official raking list will be published in the next 24 hours. Environment, organization and condition for Official Tournament was perfect in Mellgren's Fine Tobacco and even World Champion Darren Cioffi said that was the best environment ever.Mr. Srecko Pavicevic, new president of Gothenborg Cigar Association, a great person and gentleman, was very proud and happy with his members results and promised they will be constant favorites for best smoking times...It was truly great challenge that wrote a new page of cigar history with this amazing New World Record going back to the USA.

Big Smoke Russia - Qualifications for big results

      ne of the biggest qualification rounds are in front of us - Big      Smoke Russia. It is for sure challenge which will brings      together some of the biggest names in history of  Cigar Championships. Mr Bilic will be special guest and main judge of this long awaited challenge. Amazing training results are guarantee that this will be challenge with new surprises .Cigar club "Horsepower" (St. Petersburg, Russia), Cigar club "Mareva" (Split, Croatia) and the Russian Cigar Union (Moscow, Russia) announce the Saturday 25 April 2015 First International Cigar Festival BIG SMOKE RUSSIA 2015 .Festival guests will not  be only members of the Russian cigar clubs and cigar connoisseurs from across the country, but aficionados from near and far abroad. Special guests BIG SMOKE RUSSIA 2015 - well-known Russian experts and aficionados Erkin Tuzmukhamedov and Oleg Chechilov!Also confirmed its presence in the Russian head of Cigar Union Rags and Andrei Andrei Malinin, founder of the National Cigar Festival "Sarepta" (Volgograd), as well as such well-known Russian aficionados as Andrew Yumatov (Volgograd cigar club) and Dmitry Shlaen (Ural cigar club).

Qualification with big results - Big Smoke Russia 2015

       ay 4, 2015. On April 25, 2015 the Big Smoke Russia 2015 festival was held in Saint Petersburg. The program included t        the Russian Cigar Smoking World Championship (CSWC) qualifying tournament. The Russian Alexander Shagai finished       his Mareva-sized cigar at 2 hours 25 minutes and 59 seconds, just about 2 minutes behind the current world record of Darren Cioffi, USA. Second was Alexander Andriushkevitch at 2:12:00, third was Stepan Muraviev at 1:52:00. Many well known passionados and experts were attending the Big Smoke Russia, among them Mr. Oleg Chechilov and Erkin Tuzmuhamedov. A photo gallery of Big Smoke Russia 2015 festival can be found on Cigar Club Horse Power’s Facebook page Mr. Marko Bilic, our president, highly appreciated the event organisation and atmoshpere. “We think Big Smoke Russia should become a regular annual event within the CSWC”, Bilic said.

     May 15, 2015. It was a great day in the history of the Cigar Smoking World Championship (CSWC) when the first        qualification tournament took place on American soil on May 8, 2015. Jason M. Lois from Kentucky won the tournament         with an amazing time of 1 hour, 58 minutes and 2 seconds. He now ranks No. 4 on the list of the Top 20 worldwide. Lois is an experienced tobacco man and t National Sales Manager for Crossfire Cigars. Second was Eric Kyle from Tennessee, who kept his cigar lit for 1 hour, 28 minutes and 32 seconds. Petteri Patjas from Finland, a member of the Kirja Cigar Club in Helsinki, achieved the third place with of 1 hour, 22 minutes and 49 seconds. Darren Cioffi (TN), the reigning world champion and holder of the current world record who owns Principle Cigars hosted the historic CSWC qualification tournament in cooperation with King Jewelery, Tennessee’s leading luxury shop. General Cigars with Macanudo cigars was one of the main sponsors. That partnership will be continued at the second qualification round at Club Macanudo in New York City on 11th of June this year. Darren Cioffi, Jason M. Lois, and Eric Kyle will be taking part in the battle to prove their skills. Marko Bilic, president and founder of the CSWC and of Club Mareva in Croatia was the main judge. He stated: “American cigar enthusiasts proved that they will be among the favorites to win the World Championship which will take place on the first weekend of September in Split/Croatia.”

Historical Qualification tournament in USA Official international judges for CSWC

        ig Smoke Copenhagen 2015 was qualification round to remember!! So many great cigar people got together that weekend,        sharing same passion and competitive spirit regarding smoking cigars.Big Smoke Copenhagen attracted people different        sides of the World, so countries like USA, Germany, United Kingdom and Sweden also had their representatives in the game. Accordingly, USA and Sweden provided two of best World Smokers - actual World Champion Darren Cioffi and best smoker of Sweden Mr. Igor Kovacic were there to provide once again they are worth of the throne. Champion of Denmark for 2014 Mr. Michael Iversen was also there to prove his title was`t pure luck - and he proved it with amazing result.

But  let's start from the beginning of final moments... On very final moments of competition, Mr Igor Kovacic for the first time had very small advantage over actual World Champion Darren Cioffi and Mr Iversen was not far behind them, with an amazing smoking focus. At that point it was almost sure that fight for 1st place will be between Kovacic and Cioffi and that Iversen will take the 3rd place. But, in one moment, because of a defective cigar, Kovacic lost the 2nd position as well as he lost his cigr. Iversen took the 2nd position and at that point it was obvious the victory will go to the actual World Champion Mr. Darren Cioffi.

So, at the end results are: 3rd place for Igor Kovacic with smoking time of 1 hour 52 minutes and 18 seconds. 2nd took Mr Iversen who was smoking 1 hour 56minutes and 32 seconds. With that time he achieved his personal record and proved that he is best Danish smoker. 1st place took the actual World Champion Darren Cioffi with smoking time of 2 hour 15 minutes and 56 seconds. With this victory he has 6 : 0 score and he is still unbeatable...

Danish Smokers in Copenhagen proved that they will be serious factor in future of the CSWC. After amazing times they achieved in Copenhagen, they placed Denmark with four names at top 20 ranking list of the best World Cigar Smokers.

After all we need to give huge thanks to Scandinavian Tobacco Group and Royal Danish Cigars for their sponsoring and organization efforts in this event. With amazing CAO cigars and tasty Royal Danish Cigars this was a weekend to remember...

Ccopenhagen Qualifications like never before...

        he Nordic Qualification Tournament for the Cigar Smoking World Championship, Split, Croatia 2015., which took place l         ast weekend in Tallinn, was won by Oleg Pedan from St Petersburg, with time of 1 hour, 43 min and 35 sec. Second place        went to Finland's Esa Pernu with time of 1 hour and 16 min and Estonia's Kaido Randalu came in third with time of 1 hour 12 min and 55 sec. The best woman competing was Evely Sohlu with time of 45 min and 27 sec to smoke her cigar.

In addition to the podium prizes, two special awards were given. The prize for the longest ash went to Esa Pernu from Finland and award for the most stylish smoking pose went to Paavo Kangur, from Estonia.

The Tallinn Fine Spirits & Cigar Weekend hosted visitors from Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, England, Belgium, Croatia, France, Malta, Switzerland, Turkey, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Iran, and the current world champion, Darren Cioffi from the United States – 120 guests in total.

Tallinn Qualification victory went to Russia...

       Campionata Italiana Fumo Lento - First Qualification Championship Italy for CSWC is behind us and for sure it would       be remembered as great event!!IX Amicigar Day hosted CSWC Qualification tournament which was held on beautiful      Amalfi Coast, Italy. With many cigar aficionados from all around the World we spent great weekend around one important common thing - cigar!!

We have tasted Vintage Cuban cigar, nice gala dinners and at the end we had great round of Qualification Competition! We are very much grateful to our friend Gino and to all his friends from Amicicigar Brotherhod who put a lot of efforts and passion to provide us a weekend fulfill of enjoyment and fun. Competition started among 30 competitors and from the very beginning was obvious that fight will be very tight and excited. All participants, almost all of them, were for the first time in competition, and they control burning of their cigars very well. After one hour we already had few in leading positions. At that point, French representative Mr Agostini Pascal was in advantage in front of all others. Strong second place was in hands of Serbian representative Mr Dojcinovic, whom from the start showed amazing focus on smoking and was constant in keeping one of the leading positions. Representatives from Italy Mr Peranio and Mr. La Macchia Francesco was very close to each others in fight for a 3rd place. Suddanly, Mr Pascal from France lost his smoke, and not only that he lost leading position, unfortunately he went back on 5th position, just few seconds behind the Italian representative Vincenzo Medici, who took 4th place. Mr Dojcinovic from Serbia at the end won amazing time of smoking for 1 hour 38 seconds and 17 seconds and was a surprise for this first historical Italian Qualification round. With this time, Mr Dojcinovic achieved amazing thing by putting again Serbia on list of top 20 best smokers of the World. Mr Peranio, took strong 2nd place with his smoking time of 1 hour 26 minutes and 26 seconds over his country mate Mr. La Macchia Francesco who smoked his cigar for 1 hour 18 minutes and 55 seconds. It was so good to met our great friends Zdravko Brkic and Farel cigarsOne thing is for sure, Cigar Smoking World Championship is bringing us a lot of excitment as always, so let us stay tuned for new result excitments and new names of good smokers from all around the world...

Serbia took Italian trophy on IX Amicigar Day

     igar Club Mareva, from small country of Croatia and from even smallest city Split, brings its Cigar Smoking World      Championship to one of the most famous and largest City on the World and in one of the most famous Cigar Club         Lounges on the World - Club Macanudo New York City!

Among 47 participants, and many more spectators, atmosphere was truly a New York city style - gentleman’s show up in black tie, ladies dressed up like in fashion magazines. Light jazz music was making it looks as Frank Sinatra is somewhere around in crowded Macanudo Club on 63 street, where you can feel nice smell of great cigars and listen to people talk and laugh during this amazing night.

After some time of chatting and gathering, all participants finally take their competition positions in main hall of Club Macanudo which was specially prepared for CSWC Qualifications. Practically all leading persons from General Cigars and Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG) took time from their busy schedules just to be there on this historical moment. After opening speech from Mr. Alan Willner, rules was introduced to all, and with ritual cutting of cigar, which was made by CEO of Scandinavian Tobacco Group Mr. Niels Frederiksen, Qualification round for the Cigar Smoking World Championship was officially open.

During amazing competition, which brought a lot of tension as well as entertainment, actual world champion Darren Cioffi took victory one more time. Amazing smoking skills showed Dr Larry Marchese who took great second place. Third place, with great smoking time, went in hands of Mr. Pete Graziano.

STG showed great generosity by deciding to award great smoking time of Mr. Marchese who got as well a free ticket for participation on Grand Finale in Split, Croatia.

It was like a dream for us to have our event at Club Macanudo New York, in the middle of Manhattan.... We will repeat it next year again! See you there…

Qualification Macanudo Club New York - Living a Dream

            ondon hosted there first entry into Cigar Smoking World Championships and it was amazing event. Fellow American,           Aaron Palmer, pictured with host Joel Lawrence, Head of Voltaire, Crowne Plaza Hotel – The City, fended off the World            Champion, Darren Cioffi, by winning at 109 minutes by a small but vital margin.   Aaron will go onto take part in the grand finale in Split, Croatia.   It is with thanks to Glenfiddich who sponsored the whiskies throughout the competition and the evening events.  We were delighted to have the wonderful 12 year old in the competition followed by 15 and 18 year whiskies to sample said Lalla Kaur.  So many thanks goes to Glenfiddich Ambassador, Bryony Ritchie for making this possible.

3rd and 4th places were taken by Thomas Wolanin and Adam Lajca, both cigar specialists and very close contenders, and definitely ones to look out for in the future.

London was perfect host to the first UK Qualification

                uly 7, 2015. Last Saturday the qualifying tournament for the Cigar          Smoking World Championship (CSWC) took place in Buchs /              Switzerland. The clear winner was Rico Casparisfrom Maienfeld after CSWC-founder and referee Marko Bilić had the smoke time announced 110 minutes and 45 seconds. The victory secures him a place at the World Championships in Split / Croatia (4 to 6 September 2015). The reigning world champion Darren Cioffi from Nashville / Tennessee had to settle for 2nd place. Third place was Marcel Scheidegger .

Overall more than 30 competitors traveled to the Bündner Herrschaft to three days to indulge in the cigar smoking and bodily pleasure. The qualifying tournament was embedded in a delightful Alpine Big Smoke program, starting on Friday with a casual Smoke and Dinner in Bad Ragaz. Wine and cigar tastings amidst the most famous wineries in the region, conducted by Gian Carlo Casparis of Wine Tours Switzerland, attended on Saturday for an enjoyable mood for evening's tournament. A culinary trip to the tournament, and an afterparty with entertainment as well as the raffle an exclusive Carl F. Bucherer-clock among the participants rounded off the eventful day. The crowning glory was formed on Sunday of the VIP Visit to the international SPGA golf tournament in Bad Ragaz, including lunch.

Event promoter of the Big Smoke Alpine were this year Gian Carlo Casparis and Franco Cavegn. The Big Smoke Alpine was supported by well-known sponsors and partners, such as CF Bucherer, Pernod Ricard Swiss, Patoro Cigars, diebündner communication wheeler, Bespoke Cigars and Alpenhirt. The former raffled off to all participants of this event a CF Bucherer clock. Lucky winner of this jewel was Guillaume Tesson, a journalist from Paris. Adrian Hirt, founder and owner of Alpenhirt GmbH from Tschiertschen, accompanied the Alpine Big Smoke 2015 healthy Bündnerfleisch specialties such as dried meat, mountain meat and Salsiz from our own production.

Rico casparis winner of Swiss Qualification event

The best placed woman was Anna Shapiro, also from Russia, with a time of 1 hour, 25 minutes and 19 seconds. First three places were presented with prize statues made of famous Brač stone and hand-carved in a local stonemasonry workshop. The statues were presented by Marko Bilić, President of the Club Mareva. Both male and female winners were presented with unique commemorative watches, made just for this occassion by Cuervo y Sobrinos watch company.

First three places were also given a bottle of whiskey, on behalf of Pernod Ricard; a bottle of Chivas Regal 25 for the winner, bottle of Royal salute 18 for the second place and for third place a bottle of Chivas Regal 12. Winner was also given a day on a super yacht „Seagull II“.

First three placese were also awarded with a box of new Macanudo Inspirado cigars, sponsored by Scandinavian Tobacco Group. This Mareva sized cigar will replace the Montecristo No. 4 as competitive cigar in the next three years (2016. to 2018.). The new cigar was announced by Igor Nešić from equestrian club „Natura“, who rode into the room on his award winning Cordero Rezzaru, the fastest recehorse in the Balkans, and presented the first box of Macanudo Inspirado.

The party lasted long into the night with gala dinner at the host hotel, excellent Mediterranean cuisine and the best Croatian wines: Krauthaker, Kozlović, Roxanich and Tomac.

Throughout the whole event, Vice President of the Club Ivana Vrdoljak, Secretary of the Club Željana Bilić and the hostesses Ana and Vedrana all wore dresses of a local designer Arileo, founded in 2003. by Marija and Jurica Pirić, Croatian designers educated in Milan and with working experience in Armani fashion brand.O

Boat trip to Lovrečina beach on the island of Brač and on that same night, they gathered at the Cigar Club Mareva in Old Town of Split, where Jörn Brattke prepared his famous Chivas cocktails. It was a nice way to say thank you and goodbye to all the distinguished guests who came to Split for this event.

Cigar weekend in Split was perfect combination of history, tradition, finest Mediterranean cousine, best domestic wines, luxury and above everything sincere friendship. It`s the reason why people come back every year! Click here to see gallery

This year’s winner of the Cigar Smoking World Championship was Oleg Pedan from Russia with a final time of two hours, 27 minutes and 41 seconds, a time which breaks the world record of last year’s World Champion Darren Cioffi from United States. In second place, finishing just 21 seconds before the winner, was Igor Kovačić from Sweden. Stefan Murayev from Russia came third, with a time of 2 hours, 16 minutes and 47 seconds.

Central part of the 6th Cigar Smoking World Championship took place at 6pm in Grand Ballroom of Radisson Blu hotel. This year 86 participants from 20 countries; from Russia, USA, Ukraine, Sweden, UK, Turkey, Austria, Australia, Norway, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Latvia, Estonia, Netherlands, Monte Negro, Serbia and Croatia, came to Split to compeete in long cigar smoking. The Championship was opened with ceremonial cutting of the cigar by Reinhol Widmaye from Cigar Journal, great friend and suporter of the Club Mareva.

       ver the weekend from 4th to 6th of September 2015. the Cigar      Smoking World Championship took place in Split, Croatia.      It was a weekend of festivities and cigar events, culminating with the 6th Cigar Smoking World Championship on Saturday afternoon in the Grand Ballroom of the Radisson Blu hotel.

The weekend started on Friday afternoon with Welcome Drink at the host hotel, followed by dinner at Villa Dalmacija, sponsored by Bespoke cigars. On that occasion, Jeremy Casdagli from Bespoke cigars made presentation of his Gran Mareva Gold, limited edition of Bespoke cigars, which was produced in only 100 boxes, some of which guests had the oportunity to buy at the event.

The program continued on Saturday morning with cigar, rum and chocolate workshops. Liivi Tadolder and Anna-Kai Tors from Liviko made presentation of Vana Tallinn Elegance, blend of rare aged rum from Martinique and Vana Tallinn liqueur, infused with the finest spices, so it goes perfectly with robust Nicaraguan or Dominican cigars. It also can be enjoyed and paired with coffee or deserts containig dark chocolate or nuts. Therefore, we mixed it with Nadalina pralines from local chocolate producer from Split, Marinko Biškić.

Second workshop was held by Armando Stadelmann from Cuervo y Sobrinos, this year`s sponsor of the first prizes: unique masterpiece watches both for the best man and the best woman in the competition.

The last workshop of the morning was blind tasting by Widmayer, owner and editor in chief of Cigar Journal, the best Cigar magazine on the World

Big final 2015 - Trophy of the Champion came back to Russia

         igar Smoking World Championship get  new member in f         family of it’s partners -  with great  proud, we present you       first Official timekeeper  of Cigar Smoking World Championship - Cuervo y Sobrinos became the Official Timekeeper of the Cigar Festival, sharing the same passion and emotions of their own watches.

During the Cigar Workshop, CyS made a special presentation "The most precious in our life is time". The participation at this very exclusive and unique event stand out the brand values as the most important part of our original identity.

Cuervo y Sobrinos presented an exclusive timepiece collection for true Cigar Aficionado, with special watch in Tabaco colors and unique design.

Once again Cuervo y Sobrinos combines its fine Swiss watchmaking knowledge with its great passion for handcraftsmanship to create a sublimely beautiful collection inspired by the true essence of Havana in the 1940s. CUERVO Y SOBRINOS CIGAR COLLECTION is available in a Limited Edition, and a special and unique Humidor packaging as a tribute to the Cigar World.

Cuervo Y Sobrinos - First Official Timekeeper of Championship The biggest moment  -  Marko Bilic, cigar ambassador of the World

         ream become true - the biggest cigar award in Cigar Industry -            Cigar Trophy by Cigar Journal, in category Cigar Ambassador of            the World 2015 came in hands of our president Mr. Marko Bilic. That was one of the biggest moment in Club Mareva history and in personal life of Mr. Bilic. Among top names in Cigar World, his name was written and on that way forever marked in Cigar History.

We are bringing to you short review about this event.

September 19, 2015. The Cigar Trophies 2015 have just been awarded in Dortmund. Yet again, the outstanding performances of cigar manufacturers and other actors in the cigar industry were honored in various categories.

Upon the invitation of Cigar Journal, around 400 guests, among them industry greats, importers and tobacconists, were present at the award ceremony, which was held as part of the Inter-Tabac trade fair. The guests also then attended the fitting celebrations held post-ceremony. Practically,  the most important names and people from cigar World was there.

Awarded in 1998 for the first time, the prizes were handed out to the winners this year for the 15th time, adjudged by readers via votes cast online. Only in a few categories were some awards judged by the Cigar Journal jury. These included the prizes for Outstanding Art (Stinky Ashtrays), and the prize for Lifetime Achievement, which this year went to José Pepin Garcia to acknowledge his life’s work.

The Cigar Trophies 2015 were awarded for outstanding cigars in the categories Best Brand 2015, Best Cigar 2015 and Best Value 2015. Among the winners there were three cigar lines from the House of Davidoff, as well as the Montecristo No.2, which was also placed second in 2014 in Cigar Journal’s Top 25 list. Due to an almost equal evaluation based on voting, in the category Best Value Nicaragua 2015, both the Oliva Serie V and Perdomo 20th Anniversary were awarded prizes. Further awards were bestowed for Best Cigar Accessory 2015 (Boveda Humidity Control), as well as the Best Cigar Lounge of the year (Bulgari Hotel London).

Full list of awarded  brands and names you can   find by  clicking here

The Cigar Ambassador of the World Award was won by Marko Bilić, like we mentioned on begining. The children’s aid organization Camaquito received the Charity & Community Award.

Special Cigar Journal humidor  was on lottery and it has  has on it self signatures from all winners and awarded pearsons.

Atmosphere on Cigar Trophy award ceremony was truly  special, with  “Oscar awards” touch. During ceremony night it was amazing to see all manufactures, cigar distributors, cigar personalities to be together like one big family.  No competitive  feelings  or emotions was present, only friendship and togetherness was filled the hearts of everyone and  a large, ceremonial hall of Dortmund Fair. It was for sure unforgettable moment and time we all spent together.

         istorical moment for Cigar Smoking World Championship        happened - Cigara Dru 2015, first qualification round for CSWC 2016 with new Macanudo  Inspirado Mareva official competition cigar.

First of all I want to express my huge gratitude to amazing people who organized that great cigar festival - Cigara Dru 2015, which will celebrate next year it's 5 anniversary . They are heart of this beautiful cigar weekend - Slava Kutyrkin Elena Aleksejeva Anastasija Kocegarova Zilvinas Abaravicius

Cigara Dru 2015, just like last year brought some great surprises and new records. First of all, new cigar provided more excitement during competition time. Burning properties of new competition Macanudo Cigars brought more fun. Only one participant was smoking less than 30 minutes, which with old cigar was practically impossible. Usually we have situation that more than 30-40 % of participant was out. New cigar provided more stability and with that characteristic it provides more excitement because all participants are in tighter fight and every second is important!!

So, Cigara Dru 2015 was great competition experience which provides and some surprises. For the first time in 6 years of Cigar Smoking World Championship one woman was smoking more than 2 hours. that amazing woman was Jana Moraru which with 2 hours and 1 minute achieved to be owner of Woman World Record, and she took second place on Lithuanian Qualification tournament. Lev Baranov, President of Cigar Club "Horse Power" from St. Petersburg / Russia was on third place with smoking time of 1 hour 58 minutes. That is his personal record in 4 years of participating in CSWC. Winner and absolute surprise was Ivan Munteanu from Moscow who is winner of Cigara Dru 2015 with smoking time of 2 hours and 12 minutes.World Champion Oleg Pedan was smoking 1 hour and 44 minutes.

Cigara Dru 2015 proved again that it is amazing cigar festival which provides not only great atmosphere but and also great smoking results

Special, huge gratitude goes to our official partner Scandinavian Tobacco Group, Stijn Elbersen which made this festival so tasty - we were enjoyed some of the best Macanudo Cigars during whole Macanudo Day. Superb tastes of new Macanudo Inspirado black Cañozano, than Macanudo Vintage Maduro 1997 Toro and Macanudo Estate Reserve Jamaica made our day perfect!! Thank you Lithuania and Cigara Dru!!

Cigara Dru 2015 - wrote history for Cigar Smoking World Championship

         ear Ladies and Gentleman, even though it is a tradition that our Gran Final of Cigar Smoking World Championship is         always first weekend in September, we want to officially inform you that this year`s Gran Final of CIGAR SMOKING            WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP will be held in Split, CROATIA 2-4/9/2016.

We are very emotional and exited about it and we are impatiently waiting for all of you to come. It is a weekend of celebration of life, friendship, togetherness and, of course, our main passion - CIGARS!

We are so proud to have new amazing official Competition cigar - Macanudo Inspirado Marevas. This cigar with great taste and top quality production level is our guarantee for new excited moments of CSWC. Qualifications for this big final for 2016. are about to start and it is such a pleasure to say our first this year will be in one of the biggest and most famous cigar shops in the World - Cigar World in Düsseldorf, Germany. After that, it will travel around the Globe, in more than 15 World Capitals, from New York trough Paris, Rome, London to St. Petersburg and many other cities, where cigar aficionados will try to ensure their starting place at Gran Final in Split!

At the end, Cigar Smoking World Championship will be an opportunity for all of you to try to win the title of the best cigar smoker in the World! Oleg Pedan, actual World Champion and Owner of World Record, will be here to try to defend his title and he just might be the first one in 7 years to win it twice!! World record will also be at stake!

So, no meter if you`ll be part of the Challenge or you just want to celebrate life and friendship with us, we are inviting all of you to join us on this journey that brings cigar World together, year after year, and unites us... like one big tobacco family, which we truly are! Click here for more info

Dates for Cigar Smoking World Championship Grand Final are realised

    inal emotions from Bespoke           Cigars trip to Dominican Republic.        It was amazing trip with amazing people. Main target was that Marko Bilic personally meet the tobacco Master and virtuoso Mr. Hendrik Kelner, and to blend new limited edition cigar for Club Mareva - Mareva Especiales. Club Mareva is proud to say that Marko Bilic, it’s President is  responsible 100% for choosing blend of this new cigar and bringing new size which will be presented on Gran Final - Cigar Smoking World Championship 2016 in Split/Croatia. It would be new, beautiful and unique vitola: 42 x 6 inch! Now it is in production and it will be nicely rested until September and ready to please palates of many cigar aficionados. From visiting tobacco fields, all tobacco processes, visiting KBF factory to the blending sessions and playing dominos, this was one unforgettable experience. Thanks to Jeremy Casdagli from Bespoke Cigars and thank you Hendrik Kelner from Kelner Boutique Factory....  It was trip to remember, with unforgettable moments, written with golden letters in books of Mareva history!!

Visiting KBF factory in Dominican Republic - birth place of our Club Cigar

     ast Saturday, 12th March in Dusseldorf in famous and amazing CigarWorld Lounge and shop was held first official      Qualification tournament Germany for CSWC 2016! The organizer, Cigar World by tabac Benden were outstanding      hosts.All together there were 22 participants, 18 participants from Germany and 4 representatives for USA, Estonia, Croatia and Austria. This was second qualifications where Inspirado Mareva, a new cigar for the qualification and championship, was smoked. the atmosphere looked very promising, all participants took their place, rules were in front of them and competition started little bit before 5 PM. In first 30 minutes, already 9 of them fell out of game! The battle continue in more serious way, and by the time it was close to 60 minutes - 7 more lost their smoke. The best woman in this qualification was Martina Kleinlagel with 1 hour and 56 seconds! You can see that she was enjoying in competition and in same time she provide true challange for other with her great game- Bravo Martina!

Hans Pinnel, Champion of Germany from last year proved that result from last year was not just coincidence. he provide again outstanding game and he again took one of the best places!!Finish among local participants was differentiating in few seconds, minutes maximum:

4th place took Austria, Mr Reinhold Widmayer with 1 hour, 11 minutes and 32 seconds. 3rd place took Mr Hans Pinnel with 1 hour, 11 minutes and 50 seconds. 2nd place took Mr Klaus Kleinlagel with 1 hour, 14 minutes and 50 seconds1st place took USA representative - Mr Darren Cioffi with amazing and spectacular finish of 2 hours, 16 minutes and 6 seconds!It was amazing to watch Darren smoking his cigar more than 25 minutes by being only 2 millimeter away from the ring! No one couldn't believe it is possible, amazing minutes!

So, in Dusseldorf we got a winner for Germany, and best time in smoking our new competition Macanudo Inspirado Mareva cigar !Winner got his full trip covered and direct entrance to the world championship in Split, September 2016. Second, third and 4th place got beautiful Macanudo LIMITED EDITION box of cigars!! Mr Jan Vistisen from Royal Danish Cigars who was official judge of competition   did great job, putting event on more professional level with his sharp eye!! For sharp eye we are also grateful to our photographer Volker Schäffner who made as always great job by catching the moment with his outstanding skills!!Macanudo Inspirado proved that with it's perfect quality it would be possible to reach new World records!! After only two competitions with Inspirado, both times competitors were achieved more than two hours of smoking time!! Huge thanks to our official partners STG and to Markus Wirtz from STG Germany who provide to us great support and assistence. Always, it is great honor to have best World Cigar magazine - Cigar Journal with us. They provide to us as always great support!!

After the competition, we had beautiful and intimate dinner in one of the premises in CigarWorld. Many, many thanks to Patricia and Marc Benden and their friendly staff for putting all of this possible! THANK YOU!!

German Qualifications went in hands of American

      arren Cioffi did it again, he repeated history on same       place (Mellgrens cigar shop and lounge) - HE BROKE         WORLD RECORD WITH 2 HOURS, 31MINUTES AND 37 SECONDS! AND THIS RESULT WAS achieved WITH NEW MACANUDO INSPIRADO COMPETITION CIGAR!! TRULY UNBELIEVABLE!

There is something in that cigar place named Mellgren's, and especially for Darren. Last year he already sead that Mellgren's provide one of best cinditions for contest. Thid year it was lucky place for him again.

But this place is not lucky only for Darren - it is place where Igor Kovacic achieved for third time to be best Sweden smoker! With smoking time of 2hours, 06minutes and 56seconds he proved that he belong to company of best of the best smokers of the World!!Big suprise was joung Swedish smoker Andre Dias who were achieved to be second best Sweden smoker with smoking time of 1hour and 22minutes..

We have huge honor to have on Sweden qualification our Honorable member No1 Mr. Milan Pajevic (honorable president of Kiev cigar Club) who came only because this occasion in Gothenburg!!

On the end this was CSWC show to be remembered!! To Mellgren's stuff on head with Mikael Cederholm we are so grateful for one more year they provide us support and hosted CSWC in their beautiful shop!!

See you next year guys!!

He did it for third time - New World Record again in hands of America

       efore we publish BRAKING NEWS from Russia, we are bringing to you amazing impressions from Norway. Great       people from Augusto Cigars and SOL Cigar Co. hosted the first Norwegian Cigar Smoking World Championship           (CSWC) qualification tournament in Norway on April 20, 2016.

Christoffer Wahl Sundli made an impressive debut and finished his Macanudo Inspirado Petit Corona after 1 hour and 16 minutes as the slowest Norwegian smoker. He will participate in the CSWC final in Split, Croatia in September 2016. Trond Thomsen, took second place with 1 hour and 1 minute smoking time. Third place: Knut Are Hole, 54 minutes (not present in attached picture). The slowest smoker overall in the Norwegian tournament was Igor Kovacic from Sweden (2 hours and 8 minutes). Darren Cioffi, the current holder of the world record, exited the Norwegian tournament after just over 30 minutes, when his cigar cracked…

Jeremy Casdagli, Fundadores member of Club Mareva and CEO of Bespoke cigars which is brand of our Club cigar - Gran Mareva was having presentation of beautiful new cigar in Bespoke line - Bespoke Rosseta… Hospitality and warmth of Augusto cigars and Norway's people was so great so they made us to never forget this great moments.

What to ask more... Great cigars, people and a lot of fun.... Because life is a moment...

Norway gets it’s first Champion

    here is a magic line? - that was main thought after           unbelievable performanse of World Champion Oleg Pedan       who took the World Record back from an ex World Champion Darren Cioffi from USA, who broke record on 16 of April 2016 on Qualifications in Sweden.

Pedan did it in his motherland, in St. Petersburg on Qualification event „La Gran Fumada Russia 2016“, with huge support and cheering of almost 100 Russian smoker. After 2 hours and 32 minutes and 46 seconds of smoking, Oleg stop his smoking time by raising his competition number. Main judge, Marko Bilic, check the competition ring of Mr. Pedan and announced Pedan's victory by establishing a new World Record.

Ex World Champion 2013, Mr Alexander Shagai took 2nd place with 2 hours, 3 minutes and 16 seconds and he proved that he always belong to the elite of the best smokers!3rd place took, Mr Gavrilov with great smoking time for his first competition - 1 hour, 17 minutes and 57 seconds.

During the festival, there was two interesting events – Habanos blind contest (more about it in our next post), and interesting seminar that involved support of Cigar Journal, the the best cigar magazine in the world. All in one, this was historical festival that moved the limits! Competition cigar Macanudo Inspirado has done another amazing job!

Russian cigar club Horse Power proved once again their organization skills, and for sure with their event „La Gran Fumada Russia 2016“ they showed that they have cigar festival which is one of the biggest and most important festivals in Russia and region.

Thank you club Horse Power, bravo Russia!!

Russia strakes back - World Record going to Russia back

BRAKING NEWS!! Chicago Qualification tournament for CSWC brought historical result's- World record taken by Oleg Pedan/ Russia just before few weeks on La Grand Fumata in St. Petersburg is now taken down from two Americans back to USA!!! Former World Champion Darren Cioffi again did miracle - He was achieved to have smoking time of 2 hours and 40 minutes!! Amazing surprise provided Eric Kyle with smoking time Aof 2 hours and 34 minutes. He proved that his time is not just coincidence - before 10 days he tooked title of Champion of Nashville with great victory!! The fight for third place was so competitive after two hours of smoking between

Peter Welth and Jamal Hipps so that forced them to come to very end of approved limits. Luc Boivin by his impressive focus was on door of two hours of smoking also. That fact impacts hardly on domination of Russian Smokers on List of Top 20 best smokers on the World. List will be published by beginning of June and than we will have new updated Global situation!!

Fight for that World Record was really impressive. Erik Kyle provided such great game, and put more pressure on top smokers ( He became one of them) that former Champion Darren Cioffi literally injured his fingers by burning them to put that strong new World Record and to win over Kyle!!

For sure CSWC Qualification tournament Chicago will be remembered like one of strongest one's and one of most  excited!! Level of organisation was superb!!

Chicago - World Record back to US on high level…

Christina with 2 hours, 3 minutes and 48 seconds took the title of the women world record holder from Jana Moraru from Estonia with her smoking time of 2 hours, 1 minute and 14 seconds. During the US finals,Christina was dedicated to cigar with high concentration which resulted with amazing victory. CSWC team with many world cigar smokers congratulated her on this achievement and success!

Second place belongs to Mr Joel Herskowitz who deserves this high position on this tournament. Last year, he participated for the first time on NY tournament for CSWC, where he achieved time of 1 hours and 11 minutes. With training and better focus throughout the whole year, he returned much more prepared and with support of his family and improved skills, he got this high second place with smoking time of 1 hours 51 minutes and 30 seconds.

Third place was taken by Eric Kyle, who was the biggest surprise for the whole US tournaments. First he took the title for the Champion of Nashville, then he took the 2nd place on tournament in Chicago with unbelievable smoking time of 2 hours, 34 minutes which was better time than actual World record time held in that point by Russian representative - Oleg Pedan. This smoking time, positioned Eric on the second place of top 20 best smokers of all times! In New York finalns, he achieved 3rd place with smoking time of 1 hour 39 minutes and 19 seconds. Eric is for sure a new big smoker name who will for sure be a threat for everybody who are aiming for World Champion title in CSWC Finals in Split, Croatia.However, one name is always there - Darren Cioffi. According to his smoking time, he is the best American smoker overall. As you might know, in Chicago he put quite high new world record smoking time of 2 hours and 40 minutes. He is better then ever, and he is going strong this year for the World Champion title.

Another name that surprised us all, and he did it twice so far (this year in Chicago and in NY finals), and that is Jeremy Casdagli, from UK. He improved his smoking time incredibly; his smoking time in NY finals was 1 hour and 58 minutes, and his first experience in CSWC was last year with smoking time bellow 1 hour.

All in one, US finals in New York in Macanudo club was a real success and new competition cigar Macanudo Inspirado proves its quality. We are happy that our media sponsor, Cigar Journal was present on all US tournaments. With its new bilingual edition on Spanish and English it made great step forward in US market and region.

We have finished first part of qualification tournament for CSWC 2016. From some of the countries and the cities we have been reporting, and unfortunately from some cities we didn't have time... Now we will give you reports day by day from all of the qualifications that we have missed to report you about. Believe us, in all of these cities, thrill, excitement and competition spirit were highly present and this is beauty that only CSWC can offer!

Therefore, our first report which we are bringing to you is the excitement from New York, where we just had US finals. This year's New York Tournament and Macanudo club will be remembered in the history of CSWC because of one amazing women from New York city. Her name is Christina Bartnikowski and she is the US Champion and the owner of new women's world record with unexpected smoking time of 2 hours, 3 minutes and 48 seconds! With such result she proved that this challenge is not only reserved for men, because she took the US Champion title among majority men's who were trying to reach that goal for US finals at Macanudo's club New York.  So r esults was  like   this.

Title of Champion of USA - in hands of NYC woman…

Like we said last time, we will now report every day one or two reports from Qualification Tournaments for CSWC which were held in last two months!!

On that way you will get full info about Winners which will participate directly on Grand final in Split in September....So let's start with Copenhagen!!

Organized by Royal Danish Cigars and STG Denmark we have one of biggest Qualification tournaments for Cigar smoking World Championship with 70 competitors...

Champion of Denmark was Daniel Peterson with smoking time of 1hour 57 minutes and 27 seconds

Second place took Kristian Lind with great time of 1 hour 45 minutes and 18 seconds

Third place went to Kaido Randalu, great smoker who achieved in his Competition history for third time now to stand among three the best ones!! He smoked for 1 hour, 32 minutes and 16 seconds...

Best smoker overall was guest smoker Igor Kovacic who proved once again why he is one of best smokers of the World - he achieved again to smoke more than two hours - 02:12:59! His skills are so well proved and we are sure that this year on final in Split he will again provide heavy fight !!

Big gratitude to our partners and sponsor Scandinavian Tobacco Group, Macanudo Inspirado, Royal Danish Cigars and to Cigar Journal for one more great event full of excitement - CSWC experience...

See you again next year last Saturday in May 2017 at the biggest cigar event in Scsndinavia - Big Smoke Copenhagen 2017 Qualification Tournament for CSWC 2017

Title of Champion of Denmark went in hamds of Denmark

Atmosphere among Competitors was truly competitive and we felt that they are ready for first ever CSWC challenge in Poland.

And yes, after great competition, they proved that they were ready - 1 hour 49 minutes and 19 seconds of smoking time took Tomasz Żołądkiewicz which proved for the first time that he will be great threat on big final in Split in September!! He provide amazing performance, and title of Polish Champion he deserved truly.

Second place took Michal Perczyński and third place went to Jacek Schmidt. They are both experienced pipe smokers, which helped to them to reach top places in CSWC competition. They also gave a great game!!

All of them get great awards such limited edition boxes of Macanudo Cigars, subscriptions on the best Cigar magazine on the World- Cigar Journal, and for winner, free participation on Final CSWC in Split!

Four Judges was helping to main judge Marko Bilic, which also brought to all competition more attention and excitement!! They were great and they did great job!!

During all evening all participants have opportunity to enjoy in great cigars Macanudo Inspirado provided by our main partner STG, and in cigars of our sponsor Principle Cigars!!

Poland raised level of organization very high. People in Poland made deepest impressions, and Warsaw was truly discovery in every possible positive way!!

Thank you Poland!!

Warsaw, Poland - What surprise. One of the best organized CSWC Qualification rounds ever!! Every detail was almost brought to the perfection - Macanudo Inspirado Competition cutters and matches with CSWC logo, beautiful Venue completely decorated in CSWC and Macanudo Inspirado branding...

Great people from Scandinavian Tobacco Group Poland did amazing job, and we are so grateful to them for all efforts, support they provide, and also for amazing warm welcome. They show what means to be perfect host and perfect organizer!!

Almost 30 participants and more than 40 observers gathered in the old art-deco building which, 100 years ago, served as a Turkish bath and changed into the restaurant & cigar club Rico’s Concept, situated in the old town of Warsaw.

Warshaw - Qualification round on top level!!

On a very hot Saturday evening on the 4th of June, 2016 cigar lovers of The Netherlands gathered at the iconic cigar shop of PGC Hajenius in Amsterdam for the Dutch qualification tournament to the Cigar Smoking World Championship (CSWC).

Even this was smallest CSWC Qualification tournament, mood among competitors which came from all around Holand was great!! Among the guests: the head of Scandinavian Tobacco Group Nikolaj Siefert and Ernst Wilmering, head of marketing at PGC Hajenius. The event was organized by Frank Schoofs, the main sponsor and partner of course was there - Macanudo Inspirado cigars and STG

The competition started very easy but finish was like movie scenario and Champion of Holland was decided by seconds!!

After a lot of excitement and fun, some new friendship started, and night in Amsterdam was continuing!!

For sure that was one of funniest CSWC Qualification tournaments, which  was also and first ever which was held in  Holland!

The results:

Ritske Dreijer from Tiburg finished at third place with a time of 01:04:38 hours.

Second was Cas van Drimmelen from Delft with a time of 01:18:59.

The winner was Bas de Haan from Hoogvliet with a time of 01:19:05. “I am so surprised, it was great fun”, he said.

The Cigar Smoking World Championship will take place September 2-4, 2016 in Split, Croatia.

5 lucky participants get free subscription on Cigar Journal magazine, which is our dear partner!!

We look forward to see all this great people next year again, an Holland Champion in Split on final in September!!

Thank you Amsterdam!!

Amsterdam Qualification round - victory taken by seconds

The Nordic qualification tournament for the Slow Cigar Smoking World Championships was won by Oleg Pedan from Russia, with a time of 2 hours 47 minutes 45 seconds. Second place went to Alexander Shagai and third place to Sergei Galevskii, both also from Russia. At that point Oleg was taken World record again!! Just after two weeks later, Darren Cioffi took World Record back in Paris!!

This was not the first time that Pedan has been the world record holder – Darren Cioffi from the United States of America set his own record of 2 hours and 40 minutes, beating Pedan’s previous best time by eight minutes. Last year, Oleg Pedan also took victory home in the slow cigar smoking world championships in Croatia, having achieved the best result at the Tallinn qualification tournament prior to that, with a time of 1 hour 43 minutes and 35 seconds.

“We can say that Oleg Pedan, who has been smoking cigars for only the last two years, is a true rising star in the cigar smoking world, and I am pleased the conditions in Tallinn allowed a new world record to be set. As the organiser of the event, I am happy with this year’s results, because the Estonian slow cigar smoking competition, which has been organised for four years in a row, attracts both enthusiasts and serious aficionados as well as those who do not measure time in the competition, but simply enjoy good company,” said Tallinn Cigar Club president and organizer of the Tallinn Fine Spirits & Cigar Weekend Tullio Liblik.

Second place went to Alexander Shagai with a time of 2 hours 31 minutes 12 seconds, and third place was won by Sergei Galevskii with a time of 1 hour 44 minutes and 14 seconds. The best woman competitor was Ulyana Glazunova from Russia, whose winning slow cigar smoking time was 1 hour and 19 minutes.

In addition, two special awards were given out in the competition: the most stylish smoking pose award went to Silver Randalu from Estonia, and the most elegant gentleman prize was awarded to Pekka Palander from Finland.

Tallinn Qualification - World Record back to Russia

On Saturday, June 18th 2016, around 40 cigar fans from Paris, but also from the USA, Turkey and Switzerland gathered at the Big Smoke Paris, the very first French Cigar Smoking World Championship (CSWC) qualification tournament, organized by Guillaume Tesson. We are so grateful to Guillaume, who put a lot of efforts and work to organized like we said first ever Franch CSWC qualification round

At the Cercle Foch restaurant, near the Arc de Triomphe, fourteen competitors fought for the first place under the oversight of the founder of this international competition, Marko Bilic, owner of the Club Mareva in Split.

Darren Cioffi, who already won several times, gave a great performance. The American competitor beat his own record, with 2 hours 50 minutes and 9 seconds for a Macanudo Inspirado Mareva! We this amazing result he established very high new World record:::

«This victory is very important for me, not only because this is a new world record. It’s now more than twenty years I come every Fall to Paris, to attend le Salon du Livre et des papiers anciens (an ancient books and postcards fair trade), were I buy some old tobacco bands, memorabilia and posters… So this is a great symbol», said Darren Cioffi.

«Usually it’s not our way to enjoy cigars. I didn’t know a competition like this could ever exist. But the atmosphere is electric and amazing », says Nicole Pinel, a woman competitor.

Emmanuelle Rusqart was best smoker among French people, and she proved that woman are also very strong in CSWC competition. We are very proud on her!!

Among the guests:on  CSWC  French Qualification tournament:

Stephan Brichau from Scandinavian Tobacco Group, Alexandr Gorokhovskiy and Carmen Guerrero from Havana Club, Maurice Audo from Cuervo y Sobrinos and Marta Bottari from Scabal. Cigar Journal, best cigar magazine on the World always follow us to inform about new CSWC excitement!!

Great prizes like a Cuervo y Sobrino watch from the 1882 series, a Scabal tailor-made shirt, Havana Club Seleccion de Maestros bottles of rums and French Parfum d’Empire bottles perfumes were offered to the three best competitors.

The results :1) Darren Cioffi: 2:50:09 2) Dennis Hermann: 1:09:54 3) Emmanuelle Rusquart: 0:51:35

CSWC and Club Mareva become so rich for all that great new people we meet there in that magic city called Paris!  We look forward so much for next year and some new excitement!!

Thank you Gulliaume, thank you Paris!

Paris - New World Record back to USA

Italian Qualification Round started at 5 PM, and after 23 minutes, first cigar has already been extinguished. After that first falling, they took it very seriously and not much of the talking was at the table. The best time that was reached that night was from the youngest gentleman, Mr Francesco Ventura with smoking time of 01:21:45 seconds. 2nd place took Mr Andrea Cara 01:19:25, and just 3 seconds before, Mr Martelletti Govanni finished his cigar with smoking time of 01:19:22 seconds. After winners got their rewards, lovely dinner was followed in a nearby restaurant, with amazing food, as you can expect from the Italy!

Our very special gusts there were Mr. Stijn Elbersen from Scandinavian Tobacco Group and Rick Rodrigez master blender of CAO cigars!! Mr Darren Cioffi, actual owner of World Record was there to shake hand of young Italian Champion!!

We are grateful to STG Italia for great organization and to competitors who came from all over Italia to be there on final of Italy!! On the end we get Italian Champion!! Thank you Cigar Journal. best cigar magazine on Planet for support

Thank you Italy!! Thank you Rome!!

Rome, magnificent city was ready for CSWC. On 25.06. we had our official Italy Qualification tournament 2016 for CSWC Split Croatia, that took place at impressive centrally located cigar club - Cigar Club "Smoking in Rome", Rome.

Official representatives of club Mareva Zeljana Bilic and Ana Roncevic were ready to guide Italian competitors trought CSWC tournament to do final victory!!

 Very polite club members greeted Zeljana and Ana when they entered the Club. Long qualification table was already set up in one of the club premises. Participants were registering one by one, coming from different parts/cities in Italy (Napoli, Firenza, Milan, Rome, etc). 25 of them found their place at the table, and were sitting seriously awaiting for the start.

© 2010 Cigar Smoking World Championship, trademark owned by president of Club Mareva © 2010 Cigar Club Mareva, All rights reserved M L Q M I T S T M C F M B B T A 5 W B Club Mareva organizer of Mclaren weekend… A T D O M M B T 1 O J L C C D H D F L D B W Qualifications Italy, Rome provided youngest Champion

Big Alpine smoke 2016, was once again blast!! Amazing atmosphere, friendship, competition spirit was reason of 100% success of third in row Qualification round for Swiss.

In arrangement  and organization of our dearest friends Gian Carlo Casparis and Franco Cavegn  Big Alpine smoke was this year even on higher level. With loyal sponsors who are following Swiss qualifications from beginning- Patoro cigars, Pernord Ricard, Carl F. Bucherer, Cigar Journal magazine and with our CSWC Global partner Macanuso Inspirado cigars this Qualification event was superb and classy.

New sponsors, from which  we will mention Brun del Re cigars was contribute to all of this as well.Many others sponsors contribute  as  part of this harmony.

New location, famous Hotel Restaurant Weiss Kreuz Malans was so perfect location for such event, that for sure we will back there and next year!!

Competition this year was tight and very excited!! Among Swiss competitors was and last year Swiss Champion Casparis, who this year was not in such condition like last year. T

hird and second place after a lot of fun and excitement went in hands of  Swiss competitors, but title of Swiss Champion went in hands of Turkey. Representative of Turkey which was and last year in competition Mr Cem Erten this year was celebrating his title and victory. His focus and strong concentration brought him to well deserved victory. This is first time ever that Turkish representative took victory in CSWC competitions!!r

After great competition, all guests was delighted with great gala diner and to rest of rich program which brought to lucky winner of  lottery and very respected Swiss made watch Carl F. Bucherer.

Big Alpine 2016 proved once again that his value in meaning of quality, excitement and emotions is leading cigar event in Switzerland!!

Thank you  Swiss, thank you Big Alpine Smoke!!

Big Alpine Smoke - Swiss title in hands of Turkey

The 2nd UK and the final qualifying tournament for the 2016 Cigar Smoking World Championship took place in London on the 8th of July at the world famous James J Fox’s 19 St James Street.

Judged by Marko Bilic, founder of the Slow Smoking World Championship, and the previous world record holder Darren Cioffi, the event was sponsored by Macanudo, Sarah Saunders of Women’s International Cigar Club, Principle Cigars, Ron Mulata Rum and Macanudo Cigars. It was a night to remember – a thrilling, record breaking qualifier and the celebration of cigar friendships, conviviality and fun.

The overall competition winner and the new World Record holder in women’s category is Cosima Aichholzer. In her first attempt at slow smoking challenge, the author of the upcoming teNeues book, “The Cigar World”, beat the previous world record held by Christina Bartnikowski by 6 minutes, and, with a smoking time of 2 hours, 9 minutes and 6 seconds joined the top 15 in the world.

Charlie Murphy of Ron Mulata rum came second with a smoking time of 2 hours 1 minute and 58 seconds. Evan Smith came third with 1 hour 45 minutes and 35 seconds smoking time.

 UK will be cheering Cosima Aichholzer at the World Championship in Split, Croatia between the 1st and the 4th of September 2016, and, WiCC, Principle Cigars, Macanudo and Club Mareva look forward to the 3rd UK qualifying tournament and another fantastic event at James J Fox in 2017.

UK, James J Fox qualifications - New Woman World Record

After night when Mareva organized for Mclaren clients and Mareva members and guests exhibition of cars on old Venetian square in old town of Split, all VIP guests continued they Dalmatian experience next day by cruising on yacht around beautiful Mediterranean islands.

After program full of exclusive wine tasting's, gastronomic experiences, party, sun and sea, all Mclaren VIP clients finished  their weekend by great night in Club Mareva Lounge!!

That was great weekend, and Club Mareva again proved it’s organization skills, but more than everything we show open heart to host all people with good will!!

Mclaren & Mareva, great combination!!

Very proud on great moments of Club Mareva & Mclaren night which was gift form our club to our town, our citizens, our members and friends.... As always, Club Mareva was showing power of hospitality and friendship!!

That honour which Club Mareva get,with trust of McLaren Geneva, to organize weekend for some of their best clients for us was true gift.

With our partners and friends from McLaren sports cars we spent time to remember, and again Mareva provided opportunity for some new friendships, new experiences, and it brought World together, in one small but beautiful town!! With Chivas Extra, new Whiskey in Chivas line, and amazing cocktails, all of that was even easier...


Club Mareva is all about experience. Our Mareva team  always take initiative to create and provide great and memorable experiences to its members

Tmareva is a place of style and luxury where all that is united in life style which Mareva cherish with its members

With our partners as pernod Ricard, Rocky Patel cigars, Cuervo y Sobrinos watches we organised memorable casino night at our lounge where our members was able to feel atmosphere of James Bond movies. Our members easily get attracted by Votka Martini cocktails, cigars and excitement of Texas holdem game…Moments of glamour and excitement so easily fulfilled club premises…

Club Mareva Casino night