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Marko Bilic

We are delighted and proud to welcome you to our new website, which will provide all of our web visitors with a better understanding of what we at Club Mareva are all about, as well as all of our members with all of the information and services that they can enjoy as Club Mareva members from all over the world.

When you browse the Cigar Club Mareva website, you will notice the diversity of our activities and how much of a footprint we are willing and wishing to leave in this world in general, but also in the lives of our members. 13 years of Mareva's existence and 13 years of Cigar Smoking World Championship that came from our hands have given us a huge amount of experience that is made up of ups and downs, mistakes and victories, but all with one intention and only by one motivation - passion for cigars and passion for people, and the richness of time spent with both of them.

Our website has several sections, and the last one - Mareva News - will be the voice of our members, our Club's newspaper, where we will share all of our activities, services, ideas, tastings, pairings, and thoughts of our Club Mareva members and friends. Yes, this will be an active website updated at least once per week. This new website means for us to share Mareva's world with the rest of the world, not just cigar world but with the world of the positive people. We invite you to join us on this journey because our motto is - Because life is a moment -so let's enjoy it together.




Mareva members on a trip to Schotland

Members from Croatia and Finland visited Scotland. Ivana Vrdoljak, Club Mareva Vice President, Marija Marovic, CSWC Head Judge, and Petteri Patjas, CSWC judge and member from Finland, spent a long weekend in the homeland of whiskey. They visited important landmarks in the country as well as some small whiskey distilleries. Trips like this are very important and welcomed by Mareva members because they help to connect the International Mareva community while also promoting the club



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Davidoff Escurio tasting at Club Mareva Beirut

Davidoff cigars are known for their exceptional quality and unique flavors, making them a favorite among cigar enthusiasts. Recently, the Cigar Club Mareva in Beirut hosted a Davidoff cigar tasting event, allowing attendees to sample Davidoff Escurio line of cigars The event featured a range of Davidoff Escurio line of cigars where all members and gues learn from Davidoff cigar representatives about the unique blend of tobacco used inthis premium cigars. In addition to sampling cigars, guests also had the opportunity to enjoy great drinks from wide selection of the Club Mareva Beirut drinks that complemented the flavors of the cigars. The event was a great way for cigar lovers to come together and share their passion for this timeless pastime. 



Mareva Beirut on a factory tour in the Dominican Republic

The owners of Club Mareva Beirut Woody Ghsoubi and Najat Abdo are on a tour of the Dominican Republic's famous cigar factories. They went to the ones with whom they already work, as well as those who will become Club Mareva partners. From Sprelinga cigars to Saga cigars to the famous Arturo Fuente factory and others. They took a VIP tour of the famous Fuente factory and sampled new blends that will be available in Mareva Beirut soon.


Sprelinga cigars tasting night at Mareva Split

Members were able to sample several different sizes of Sprelinga cigars at the tasting night. They were also served a selection of fine Major spirits to complement the cigar flavors. Marko Bilic was on hand to answer questions and provide insight into the craftsmanship of Danays Leon Sanchez's beautiful cigars. Overall, the Mareva Cigar Club tasting night was a huge success. Members thoroughly enjoyed sampling Danays' premium cigars while learning more about the cigar-making process and philosophy. The Sprelinga cigar is sure to be a hit among cigar enthusiasts everywhere, thanks to its unique blend of tobaccos and aging process.     SEE GALLERY


Mareva member Nikola Vujcic officially announced as EuroLeague Legend

Nikola Vujcic, a game-changing center whose feats on a basketball court still stand alone more than a decade after he played his last Turkish Airlines EuroLeague game, was inducted as an official Euroleague Basketball Legend, at Menorah Mivtachim Arena shortly before Maccabi Playtika Tel Aviv’s game against Valencia Basket. Vujcic was the most decorated big man of his generation in the EuroLeague. He was chosen to the All-EuroLeague Teams on five occasions, which is the most of any center in competition history and fifth-most of any player. He rose to continental prominence as a central part of the Maccabi team that won back-to-back championships in 2004 and 2005 and then experienced the glory of winning again as the sporting director when Maccabi captured its next championship in 2014.

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Owners of Mareva Beirut and Tallinn in visit to the KBF factory

Woody and Najat, owners of Club Mareva Beirut, traveled to Dominican Republic with Jeremy Casdagly, owner of Club Mareva Tallinn, to visit Henrik Kelner Junior and his boutique factory. On this joint trip, they will work on some new projects and blends for Club Mareva Beirut, following the extremely successful limited edition Club Mareva Beirut cigar named Origin, which was completely sold out. As a result, the Club Mareva line by Casdagli cigars will have a new cigar in its portfolio, which is a big deal for Club Mareva Beirut, Club Mareva International, and all Mareva members and the cigar community in general, because we are confident that the new blend will be even better than the previous, fantastic one.


Club Mareva in Cigar Journal Magazine

The leading global cigar magazine and community and industry opinion maker - Cigar Journal Magazine - gave huge attention to the Club Mareva, dedicating four pages on the report about the impact of the Club Mareva on the cigar industry and community on a global scale as well as in the region. It is yet another example of Mareva gaining official legitimacy for everything it does and creates.


Barun and Hamlet -pairing night at Mareva Split

Club Mareva Split hosted an interesting pairing night for its members, featuring the increasingly popular pairing of Sparkling wines and cigars. Beautiful sparkling wines from Croatian wine company Barun were chosen for this evening. The mild Hamlet 25th anniversary cigar was chosen to be paired with Barun wines. Ante Palac and his company Croatia Revealed sponsored the sparkling wines.


Important visit from regional cigar aficionados

This weekend, Club Mareva Split welcomed important cigar opinion makers from neighboring Serbia and Montenegro. We had the pleasure of hosting Alex Cigar Dendy, a well-known and influential cigar influencer from Serbia. We had the honor of hosting Aleks Djuretic, owner and founder of the first cigar shop in Podgorica and the city's first private cigar clup - Casa de Puros. It was a fantastic weekend, with Mareva members and guests enjoying great cigars and spending quality time together. On the same occasion, an agreement was reached with Casa de Puros and Aleks to host the CSWC qualification round for Montenegro in the lovely Casa de Puros.


Jeremy Casdagli in visit to Club Mareva Beirut

Jeremy Casdagli, a Club Mareva fundadores member and owner of Club Mareva Tallinn, paid a visit to Woody and Najat, owners of Club Mareva Beirut. Jeremy introduced some new cigars to the lebanese cigar enthusiasts and members. Along with spending quality time together, they planned a trip to the Dominican Republic to work on the new Club Mareva Beirut limited edition cigar.


Club Mareva on the business forum in Romania

The primary goals of this summit are to promote bilateral economic and commercial relations as well as to open new business and investment opportunities for the participating companies. From that perspective, Marko Bilic, Founder of CSWC and Cigar Club Mareva, presented the power and influence of private cigar clubs and cigar social events in developing and creating opportunities on many levels. He discusses the general public's incorrect perception of cigar culture, as well as the importance of acknowledging cigar culture's significant contribution among some of the most important social and lifestyle elements with a significant positive impact on the business segment of modern society.


Jan Vistisen, Mareva member from Denmark came in visit

It was an honor to host our Club Mareva Member from Denmark, Mr Jan Vistisen, the legendary founder of Royal Danish cigars. He gave an extremely interesting masterclass on cultivating premium cigar tobacco, and we sampled some of the incredible blends he created. Members of Club Mareva were the first to learn that he is reintroducing the Royal Danish Cigars brand after a few years of trademark challenges. That was also an opportunity for Marko Bilic and Jan Vistisen to agree on a new project that will soon surprise the cigar world. Jan is a founding member of the Mareva club and one of the primary CSWC judges.


Club Mareva opened it's door in Beirut

Cigar Club Mareva, a luxury cigar lounge and retail store, recently opened its first franchise in Beirut, Lebanon. The new location is the latest addition to the Cigar Club Mareva family, which has locations in cities: Split -Croatia and  Tallinn - Estonia. The opening of Cigar Club Mareva’s Beirut franchise marks an exciting milestone for the company as it continues to expand its presence in the Middle East. With its luxurious atmosphere and wide selection of premium cigars, Cigar Club Mareva already became a famous  destination for cigar aficionados in Beirut and whole region

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“I liked the way cigar made me feel. It made me feel powerful. Like I can overcome anything and that feeling I did like.”



Ivana Vrdoljak, Vice President of Club Mareva...

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